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Recent Submissions

  • Schultz, P. Wesley; Zelezny, Lynnette (Human Ecology Review, 2003)
    Prior research has explored the relationship between values, attitudes about environmental issues, and pro-environmental behavior. These studies have shown a consistent pattern of results—individuals who value self-transcendent ...
  • Schultz, P. Wesley; Gouveia, Valdiney; Cameron, Linda; Tankha, Geetika; Schmuck, Peter; Franek, Marek (Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2005-07-01)
    Recent research has examined the relationship between values and attitudes about environmental issues. Findings from these studies have found values of self-transcendence (positively) and self-enhancement (negatively) to ...
  • Schultz, P. Wesley; Berger, Dale (Behavior, Research Methods, Instruments, and Computers, 1998-06)
    Thirty-one first-year psychology graduate students in a computer applications course completed a set of structured problems, unstructured problems, and data-screening problems in each of two statistical computing environments: ...
  • Schultz, P. Wesley (Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2001-12)
    Four studies are reported on the structure of environmental attitudes. Based on Stern & Dietz’ (1994) value- basis theory for environmental attitudes, we predicted that concerns for environmental issues would form three ...
  • Schultz, P. Wesley; Searleman, Alan (Personality and Individual Differences, 1998-03)
    We examine the relationship between the personality variable of Personal Need for Structure (PNS) and problem solving on the Einstellung water-jar task. The Einstellung task was administered under stressful and nonstressful ...