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Through instructionally-related exhibits, the Context: Library Series supports student learning by providing access to a variety of viewpoints and experiences, and by inspiring research and dialogue related to each installation. Subjects: library exhibit, art exhibitions.

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Recent Submissions

  • Goldstein, Julie (2016-06-20)
  • Goldstein, Julie (2016-06-20)
  • Bittar, Doris (2016-01-20)
    The CSUSM University Library and the Context Library Series welcomes Patterned Heritages by artist and CSUSM faculty member, Doris Bittar. Patterned Heritages is an interactive installation that offers participants ...
  • Ocampo, Arturo; Proudfit, Joely; Avalos, Fredi; The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center; Office of Diversity, Educational Equity, Inclusion and Ombuds Services; Student Life & Leadership; Civility Campaign; Public Relations Club; American Indian Student Alliance (2015-10-19)
    The exhibit, titled "Beyond the Stereotype," features CSUSM students tearing photos of various racial and ethnic costume stereotypes with the text, "There is more to me than what you see. Beyond the stereotype, there is ...
  • Bull, Charles Livingston; Chambers, Charles Bosseron; Christy, Howard Chandler; Coffin, Haskell; Emerson, Casper; Fisher, Harrison; Groesbeck, Dan Sayre; Harris, Lawrence S.; Hicks, Cornelius; Honore, Paul; Leyendecker, J.C.; McMein, Neysa; Mora, Francis Luis; Orr, Alfred Everitt; Raleigh, Henry; Richards, George M.; Smith, Jessie Willcox; Townsend, Frederick Henry; Treidler, Adolf; Underwood, Clarence F.; Anonymous; Whitehead, Walter (2015-10-15)
    Photographs of the posters from the Enlisting a Nation exhibit. Well‐known illustrators of the time were engaged to create pictures that would be displayed across the nation urging recruitment, purchase of war bonds or ...