Enlisting a Nation


Enlisting a Nation: American Visual Propaganda of World War I explores the government sponsored campaign to garner public support for American involvement in the First World War. Well-known illustrators of the time were recruited to create images that would be mass-produced and displayed across the nation, building upon themes of nationalism, compassion, morality, and a struggle of good over evil.

Recent Submissions

  • Bull, Charles Livingston; Chambers, Charles Bosseron; Christy, Howard Chandler; Coffin, Haskell; Emerson, Casper; Fisher, Harrison; Groesbeck, Dan Sayre; Harris, Lawrence S.; Hicks, Cornelius; Honore, Paul; Leyendecker, J.C.; McMein, Neysa; Mora, Francis Luis; Orr, Alfred Everitt; Raleigh, Henry; Richards, George M.; Smith, Jessie Willcox; Townsend, Frederick Henry; Treidler, Adolf; Underwood, Clarence F.; Anonymous; Whitehead, Walter (2015-10-15)
    Photographs of the posters from the Enlisting a Nation exhibit. Well‐known illustrators of the time were engaged to create pictures that would be displayed across the nation urging recruitment, purchase of war bonds or ...