Business Administration


Recent Submissions

  • Mattox, Lucas (2017-08-11)
    A study of the attitudes and behaviors of video game live streaming viewers.
  • Mandrapa, Mladen (2017-08-11)
    Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis of upcoming projects in and around Old Town, Temecula. IMPLAN Online modeling software was used for impact projections.
  • Truong, Kien; Li, YiWen (2017-08-11)
    Audit Statement The project purpose is to examine leadership effectiveness by way of Generally Accepted Leadership Principles (GALP); wherein are eleven control points: Vision, Mission, Core Values, VAC, Lead Self, ...
  • Cronin, Arthur (2017-08-10)
    For my international experience, I was assigned to EXXETA AG, a management and IT consulting organization headquartered in Karlsruhe Germany. I was tasked with creating a social media marketing plan that would be used by ...
  • Wilson, Dana (2017-08-10)
    In this thesis, I will discuss the details of my internship and the project we were assigned. I will also discuss my experiences and how they relate to my cultural expectations, global competencies, and academic training. ...