Recent Submissions

  • Newberg, Steven (2017-12-14)
    A moduli problem seeks to find a bijection between a class of objects and a topological space that describes the parameters of the class of objects. We will present the moduli problem for a type of curve used in cryptography, ...
  • Hernandez Hernandez, Jesus (2017-12-13)
    This thesis explores bond percolation on r-ary trees and then moves on to 3-regular infinite trees. The last chapter explores bond percolation on the square lattice where horizontal bonds are open in a periodic fashion.
  • Hermiz, Rani (2015-12-16)
    The SPHAERICA (in English: Spherics) of Menelaus of Alexandria (dating to roughly 100 AD) is among the oldest known works on spherical geometry and trigonometry. Spherical geometry is the study of geometric objects on the ...
  • Caldwell, James David (2015-12-14)
    This paper examines the problem of rank ordering a set of players or objects on the basis of a tournament arising from a complete set of pairwise comparisons.
  • Martinez, Martha (2015-12-14)
    The purpose of this paper is to utilize algebraic-geometric ideas in the study of polynomials for which the associated polynomial functions are permuta- tions of a given finite field. Polynomials of this type are called ...