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Recent Submissions

  • Perron, Justin; Stewart, M.D.; Zimmerman, Neil (Journal of Applied Physics, 2016-04-07)
    Pauli-spin blockade (PSB) is a transport phenomenon in double quantum dots that allows for a type of spin to charge conversion often used to probe fundamental physics such as spin relaxation and singlet-triplet coupling. ...
  • Perron, Justin; Gullans, Michael; Taylor, Jacob; Stewart, M.D.; Zimmerman, Neil (Physical Review B, 2017-11-13)
    Electrical transport in double quantum dots (DQDs) illuminates many interesting features of the dots' carrier states. Recent advances in silicon quantum information technologies have renewed interest in the valley states ...
  • Murray, Roy; Perron, Justin; Stewart, M D; Zimmerman, Neil (Nanotechnology, 2018-01-08)
    Pumping single electrons at a set rate is being widely pursued as an electrical current standard. Semiconductor charge pumps have been pursued in a variety of modes, including single gate ratchet, a variety of 2-gate ratchet ...
  • Schultz, P. Wesley; Zelezny, Lynnette (Human Ecology Review, 2003)
    Prior research has explored the relationship between values, attitudes about environmental issues, and pro-environmental behavior. These studies have shown a consistent pattern of results—individuals who value self-transcendent ...