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This section of ScholarWorks at CSUSM includes faculty scholarship, research, and creative works. The collections are organized by college, and then department. Faculty members, if you are interested in adding your scholarship, please contact Carmen Mitchell, Institutional Repository Librarian: cmitchell [at] csusm.edu.

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Recent Submissions

  • Zaerpour, Nima; Yu, Yugang; de Koster, René (IISE Transactions, 2017-03)
    Live-cube compact storage systems realize high storage space utilization and high throughput, due to full automation and independent movements of unit loads in three-dimensional space. Applying an optimal two-class-based ...
  • Lightner, Kevin M.; Bosco, Bill; DeBoskey, David G.; Lightner, Sharon M. (The CPA Journal, 2013-09)
    An article by Kevin M. Lightner, Bill Bosco, David G. DeBoskey, and Sharon Lightner title " For a Better Approach to Lease Accounting: Fixing the remaining sticking points " in the The CPA Journal. In September 2013. Reprinted ...
  • Schuster, Camille P.; Anderson, Beverlee B.; Brodowsky, Glen (Journal of the Academy of Business Education, 2014)
    Marketing managers need to analyze markets, competitors, and consumers to create, monitor, and adapt marketing strategy. The amount of data available for these analyses is increasing exponentially. Much of the data to be ...
  • Aboolian, Robert; Berman, Oded; Wang, Jiamin (International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply, 2016)
    In this paper we address the network design of a responsive supply chain consisting of make-to-order (make-to-assemble) facilities facing stochastic demand from customers residing at the nodes of a network. Each facility ...
  • Chang, Janie C.; Luo, Yan; Zhou, Linying (Review of Accounting and Finance, 2017)
    Purpose − This study examines the impact of workloads at public accounting firms on the likelihood of an audit deficiency being identified during a triennial inspection by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ...